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มิถุนายน 2558 (Trackwork)

-Inspection of Bracket Bolt for Conductor Rail

-SCCC Test

-Routine Test Concrete Bearer Dimension Check. (No.07)

-Routine Test Concrete Bearer  Pull Out Test (No.07)

-Check SCCC

-Site Inspection at Depot, Track WS-05 to WS-08 (Main Workshop)

-Pull Out Test Shear Connector

-Site Inspection

-Installation of Sleeper

-Activity Pipe = 4 cm.

-Inspection Final Survey Track Measurement before Casting Concrete Slab Track  (No.21)

-Inspection Slump Test Concrete Slab Track

-Casting Concrete Slab Track  (No.21)

-Curing Concrete Slab Track

-Electrical Resistivity Test Shear Connector

-Bracket Bolt for Conductor Rail before Casting Concrete Slab Track (No.23)

-Pull Out Test Shear Connector (No.24)

-Final Survey Track Measurement before Casting Concrete Slab Track

-Check Spacing for Sleeper

-Geometry Crossover Turnouts TG 1/14 R300

-Final Survey Track Measurement (No.01)

-Positive Bending Moment

-Factory Acceptance Test for Concrete Sleeper (Dimension Check)

-Site Inspection Turnout No.T-10 and  Turnout No.T-11  

-Pouring Concrete at Mainline  Track CH.4+558.450-4+468.126(EB.)

-Bracket Bolt for Conductor Rail

-Casting Concrete Slab Track (No.5)

-Material on Site (Conductor Rail)

-Lifting of Rails Track and Install E-Clip E2007

-Site Inspection at Depot  Track WS-07 and WS-08 (Main Workshop)